Why Old School Cool au pairs

With the multitude of agencies around, why choose Old School Cool? Thoroughly screened AND practically evaluated au pairs make Old School Au Pairs the natural and most logical choice for parents who care. Having witnessed each au pair’s progress through our registration process, we are confident in the fact that our au pairs do all have the ‘it factor’.

Having au paired for a number of years, it seemed obvious that the lack of real screening was a potential danger to children around Gauteng. In our experiences, we were completely awestruck at how quickly au pairs were placed into families by agencies who failed to verify any of their information. Thus the concept of Old School Cool began developing a company dealing with all aspects of childcare on a level Gauteng had not seen before!

Cool Carers are a cut above the rest, no doubt about it. When leaving your child with an Old School Au Pair, you can be guaranteed that every precaution has been taken in screening your employee.

So, when asking yourself ‘Why Old School Au Pairs’, rather ask yourself, ‘Do I care about the wellbeing of my child’ if the answer is yes, which it naturally is, Old School is the only way to go!

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