Au Pair Fees

No fees are charged to our au pairs. If you do not have a criminal clearance (which is required), we are able to assist you in obtaining one at a cost of R100 [it takes only 48 hours]

Client Fees
Prior to commencement of recruitment a R285 registration fee is required. This is non-refundable in the unlikely event that you do not choose one of our au pairs, however is deducted off your placement fee if you employ one of our candidates.

Our placement fees are calculated as follows:
Permanent Placements (i.e. expected employment in excess of 6 months)
The following calculation is utilised:
(calculated as follows: (hourly rate x no. of hours per week + allowances) x 4.333 x 12 x 12% + VAT)

Or if paying monthly:
(Monthly salary (plus all allowances) x 12 x 12% + VAT)

3-6 Month Placements
22% of total income for period employed + VAT
(calculated as follows: hourly rate x no. of hours per week x 4.333 x no of months required x 22% + VAT)

Temporary Placements (i.e. any placement under 3 months)
Flat rate of R1500 + VAT.

Read our terms and conditions HERE

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