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The decision to accept an au pair into your home is one which Old School Cool places an immense amount of importance on. Au pairing is unlike any other job not only are there normal labour relations to be considered, but the obvious (and desired) emotional connections which ensue provide for a more complex employee-employer dynamic.

As a parent, it is natural, and vital, that you desire your au pair to be able to care for, nurture, love, stimulate, educate and provide stability and security for your child whilst retaining professionalism about her. This is quite a feat, and a difficult balance to achieve!

It is with this delicate balance in mind that Old School Cool embarks on the scrutinizing screening process which we expose our au pairs to endeavouring to find only the best, only those au pairs who are able to identify this equilibrium and act in accordance with these principles.

Our au pairs are extensively checked and evaluated after all, these special people are going to be entrusted with your children, our future; they need to be FANTASTIC! Through our affiliation with various charities, we are able to practically assess all candidates giving us a better idea of their capabilities and suitability to au pairing. By pairing this evaluation together with their validated references, Old School Cool ensures that only the best au pairs are recommended to you and your children!

Hiring an au pair through Old School Cool is a simple process! Once we have received your completed Family Fancies Form, along with your registration fee, we will send you the details of a number of au pairs who match you requirements. Each au pair’s information will be presented in the form of an Au Pair CV Package which will contain:

The au pair’s CV;
The au pair’s validated, current references which Old School Cool has obtained from their referees;
The au pair’s full practical evaluation;
Old School Cool’s full report on the au pair as well as a photo of the au pair.

Once you have browsed through this information, you are able to select which of these au pairs you would like to meet with. We will then schedule the interviews at a time and location convenient to you. Unlike many other agencies, we have no limit to the number of candidates you may meet with it is essential to us that you find someone who you are completely content and comfortable with. Once you have found an au pair who you are happy with, we will extend the offer of employment to the au pair, on your behalf. Should he/she accept, we will link you and the au pair so that you can ascertain the exact parameters of his/her employment contract. We will then invoice you for our placement fee, and voila your wonderful Old School Au Pair can commence work!

Although we act merely as an introductory agent, and are not involved in your actual labour relations in any way, we are available for support throughout the au pair’s employment. Should you have anything which you wish to discuss, we are always delighted to hear from, and assist our clients!

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