The Cool (kids’) Cabs

The safety features on our Cool (kids’) Cabs are what set us apart from the other transportation companies out there.

Every single one of our vehicles is regularly maintained by an approved dealer and daily checks are conducted on each vehicle before they leave the office every morning.

Our vehicles all have the following safety features;

  • Recognisable branding. This is done for a reason, it not only allows the children we transport to easily identify the vehicle that will be collecting them but it also allows us to monitor our drivers behaviour. From the branding, it is clear Cool (kids’) Cabs transports children, this makes it a deterrent to would be hijackers.


  • Our vehicles are tracked 24/7. Every one of our vehicles has been fitted with a tracker that allows our ladies in our control room to pinpoint at any given moment where a vehicle is. We do not use the trackers for vehicle recovery only. They are used to monitor the drivers to make sure that they are progressing on their routes as they should be. If there is an accident on the route or unexpected traffic, our drivers do not have to contact the office, we are able to pick this up and can notify parents of any changes in their child’s pick or drop off times. This safety feature also allows the supervisors to note any changes in route. If a driver suddenly deviates, we can immediately contact the driver and send back up if need be.


  • We monitor driver behaviour. Our tracking features also allow us to track driver behaviours. We are able to note if they are braking too hard, speeding or revving unnecessarily. All our drivers are aware that this is being monitored so it makes them more mindful of how they drive.


  • We keep track of everything. We have reports, not only our drivers driving behaviour, but also on the exact times they collect and drop off children. These reports are available to parents should you wish to check any details about your child’s collection.


  • Our cabs have crash sensors. Not only are the vehicles tracked but they also have crash sensors which allow us to dispatch emergency services immediately if the vehicle is involved in a collision.


  • Every cab has an onboard camera. The onboard cameras allow our control room to have visual contact with each vehicle and its occupants. The live feeds from each cab allow us to view what is happening in each cab. Once again, this feature aims to ensure that your child is safely transported.


  • Car seats are not optional. Cool (kids’) Cabs has its own set of car seats and every child is transported in the appropriate seat. When you become a Cool (kids’) Cab client, we assess which seat is suitable for your child based on their age, weight and height. The drivers will arrive for collection with the car seat correctly installed and they are trained in how to correctly strap your child in.

Every driver and every supervisor at Cool (kids’) Cabs understands how important your child is. The drivers have been well trained and from the above it is clear that our vehicles have been fitted with every safety feature possible to ensure your child’s safe arrival.

When a child is transported in a Cool (kids’) Cab they are more than just a name on a schedule, they become a part of our Cool (kids’) Cab family.

If you would like your child to be transported by the safest transportation company in Gauteng, request a quote today and become a part of our family.

Cool (kids') Cabs

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