About Old School Cool Drivers

The Cool (kids’) Cabs’ drivers are a big part of what makes our service great.

Each driver is carefully selected and thoroughly screened before they are allowed to drive one of our Cool (kids’) Cabs.

Our drivers must have the following minimum requirements before they will be considered.

  • Minimum 5 years accident free driving experience;
  • Police clearance (conducted at time of hiring);
  • Child-care experience;
  • A valid PDP;
  • A HAPPY disposition and eagerness to work with children!

Once we have interviewed the candidates, scrutinized their references and conducted a child-related practical evaluation, they are sent on a driving assessment. This assessment is done through an accredited driving academy. The candidates are then required to attend a tandem drive session with one of our senior drivers. This session is followed by a defensive driving course in the vehicle they will likely drive.

Process is as follows:

  1. Written theory test (must get over 80% to pass)
  2. On the road driving test (must score low risk to be interviewed)
  3. Extensive interview
  4. Three days extended interview (working with a senrui)
  5. Two – four weeks of tandem driving with a senior driver
  6. Defensive driver course, first aid course, internal course on car seat installation
  7. Solo driving.

This course is specialised, individual training where the drivers are given both theoretical and practical training. All aspects of driver awareness are dealt with, including traffic management, dealing with distractions, hi-jack prevention techniques, proactive skills, concentration, minimizing risks amongst other things.

Upon completion of this training, a driving evaluation takes place which demonstrates and highlights the standard attained by the driver. It is only once this has been completed that a driver will start collecting children.

Our drivers all also hold  up to date First Aid qualifications.

All these certificates are available should any parents wish to verify this information.

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Cool (kids') Cabs

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