Do you know how your driver is recruited?

When you send your child to school you know that their teacher is qualified to be a teacher. When you visit the doctor they generally have their diplomas and certifications on the wall. Often even your beauty therapist will have their qualifications. If you are...

Does your child’s driver know first aid?

It may not seem like something you should ask your child’s driver but it can ultimately be the difference between a life and death situation. This is an important question to ask and something every person transporting a child should have. Why is it important for your...

Is your teenager strapped in correctly?

Just because your child no longer sits in a car sear or booster, it does not mean they do not need to be strapped in. As a child matures and becomes more responsible, it is easy to stop checking their seatbelt. Whilst it is obvious that wearing a seatbelt is...

Introducing Top Dog

We launched our outdoor branding last year with the Working Mothers Expo. Our aim with this offering was to partner with brands that we believe in and how can help you, as a working parent. We are proud to introduce our new partner, Top Dog Online Education. Top Dog...

Ten questions you need to ask your child’s transport company

Deciding who you allow to transport your child shouldn’t be a quick decision. Before you entrust your child to a transport company you need to do some research on who will be driving your child, what qualifications they have and how they are monitored. Anyone can...

The Working Mothers Expo

Cool (kids) Cabs was recently a part of the first Working Mothers Expo that was held at the Sandton Convention Centre. The expo was aimed at providing Working Mothers with a collection of products and service to make their lives easier. The organiser, Janice, is a...

Is your child ready to move to a booster seat?

This infographic shows exactly how to determine if your child is ready to be moved to a booster seat. It can be very tempting to move your child to a booster seat, but before you do you need to make sure they are in fact ready. Also remember a few things need to be...

Our newly branded cabs

We recently added three new brands to the branding on our cabs! We are extremely proud of this service offering and really believe it is the perfect way to reach your target market. You can find out more about our Transit Media here....

Car seat expiration dates are important

Did you know car seats have an expiration date? They do and they are really important. Generally, a car seat “lasts” 6 years but if you check your car seat it will have a date on that says something like “Do not use after” and this will be the expiration date....

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