Become an Old School Cool Au pair

Our au pairs are our most valuable assets, and as such, we expect them to be of an extraordinarily high caliber and standing. We seek persons who are willing not only to give of their time, but also of themselves to become big sisters or brothers, caring for children with the attention and care that one would pay to their own family.

It is essential that, as an au pair, you understand the massive responsibility you are undertaking, that you are fully aware of the way in which families will depend and rely on you. You will need to be prepared to take full control of situations you may not have experienced before and be willing to step up and act in situations often unknown to you.

For these reasons, and many more, you need to ensure that you are mature, well balanced and secure in yourself. You need to be someone who a little child can look up to, gain security from and love to be with! You will become an integral part of a child’s life, and thus need to be of an impeccable standard.

We place a huge significance on making compatible, lasting placements. For children it is essential to gain stability and security from persons who are willing to see their contracts through. Changing carers on a regular basis is disconcerting for little souls, and thus to be avoided at all costs. For you, as an au pair, this means thorough screening in order to assess whether you are suitable to au pair, and if so, which family you would best fit in with.

We would love to receive your application, and invite you to complete our EASY online registration form. We charge no registration fees to our au pairs and thus you have nothing to lose!

How does it all work?

Complete our online registration form.

Do this as comprehensively as possible. There’s space for you to upload all your documents, give your referees contact details and all other pertinent information we require. Once you have competed this, letters will immediately be issued to your referees requesting that they validate your employment, and give brief character recommendations of you. Provided these come back positively, we will invite you for a personal interview.

I’ve submitted the online registration form, what must I do now?

Wait for us to contact you with an invitation to an interview or progress on your reference check. If you have not heard from us within 24 hours, please drop us an e-mail at to ensure that we received your application!

After invitation to do so, attend a personal interview with us.

If you have not managed to upload any of your documents, we will get these from you during this interview, so please remember to bring copies of them! During the interview we will run through your application and get an idea of your reasons for au pairing, your experience and your education.

I attended an interview, what must I do now?

Wait for us to contact you to let you know whether or not you are able to progress to the next step in the registration process (i.e. the practical evaluation).

Attend a practical evaluation

If you are found to a suitable candidate after your reference checks and interview, we will invite you to join us for a practical evaluation. During this time, we will observe you interacting with children, assess your abilities with them and get a general feel for your capabilities. You will then be evaluated and the outcome of this evaluation will determine whether you have completed your registration with Old School Cool.

I have served my required number of hours for my practical evaluation, what now?

Await confirmation from Old School Cool of your results. If you have passed, you will receive a letter confirming your completion of our registration process. You will then be informed of any positions which come available which match your requirements!

We find you a job!

Once you have completed our registration process, you will be added to our database and informed immediately of any positions you may be suited to! We will send you regular invites to interviews, and if you are interested in the positions, we will secure you a meeting with the family.

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