Injury Free Kilometres Driven

Founded in 2009, Cool (kids’) Cabs has a proven track record of reliable service in the transportation industry. We pride ourselves on
providing our clients the highest level of customer service. Our aim is to provide parents with the peace of mind that their children are being safely transported.

life is all about balance, let us help you find yours.

Cool (kids’) Cabs was founded after, Tiffini Hein, Cool (kids’) Cab owner and founder, witnessed first-hand the mediocre service that
was available for the transporting of children in Gauteng. The aim was, and will always be, to raise the bar when it comes to the transportation of

Our cabs are all fitted with exceptional safety features and our drivers all receive training before they can transport your child. No
expense has been spared in creating a service that ensures that your child is content and safe and that you, the parent, are completely at ease.

we are confident that our offerings will simplify your life!

Cool (kids’) Cabs is more than just a transportation company, we care about the well-being of your child. We also understand that
sometimes parents just need a little bit of help to find the balance.

 Find out more about drivers and our vehicles.

I have to start by saying thank you, I am so grateful for flexibility and want to assist, it’s not often that I receive this amount of hard work and REAL effort to make it work so please know how very grateful we are to you! – Bridgit

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